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Personalised Polaroid

Personalised Polaroid

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Always wanted to have a polaroid sized memory of your favourite moment? With our fun-sized polaroid pictures you can freeze any moment in time. Submit any photo from your gallery and we will transform it for you.


Product Information

Since we can’t decide which area of a photo is the main focus for you, it’s necessary that you crop each photo before you confirm your order. Ensure you photo is cropped to a 5:6 or 6:5 ratio for the best results. With this adjustment, you can make sure that everything that is important will be included in you print!

Try to avoid pictures with grainy filters, faces too close to the edge, dark/night time photos or square photos.

Polaroid Size: 5.8cm x 8cm
Photo Size: 5.1cm x 6cm

The polaroid is printed on 200 g/m² Glossy Photo Paper.


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PLEASE NOTE: All products are handmade to order. Orders may take up to 5-7 business days to be processed.

All orders are shipped from the Netherlands. Orders will not be dispatched on public holidays.

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